Who We Are

Mi Technovation Berhad (Mi) - Our name itself spells out what we unfalteringly stand for: Technology and Innovation.

Technological advancements transform inspirations to reality. At Mi, we innovate technology through our Semiconductor Equipment Business Unit (SEBU), Semiconductor Material Business Unit (SMBU) & Semiconductor Solutions Business Unit (SSBU) to bring the future closer to today.

Instead of thinking outside the box, we get rid of the box. We strive to be best-in-class in what we do, by delivering exceptional quality to become our customer’s first choice.

To Mi, a successful business is defined by a balanced delivery of value to its stakeholders. “Balanced Stakeholder Interest” is the business philosophy that Mi has been adopting and striving to achieve to promote long-term value creation in the pursuit of our commercial objectives and attain sustainable value for our stakeholders as we understand stakeholders have diverse needs and different expectations.

We seek to deliver value; we innovate for tomorrow.



Our Journey


• Incorporation of Mi Equipment Holdings Sdn. Bhd. in June 2017, an investment holding company and listing vehicle, to prep for IPO.

• Acquisition of 100% equity in Mi Equipment (M) Sdn. Bhd. and Mi International Pte. Ltd.; converted into a public limited company named Mi Equipment Holdings Berhad in August 2017.


• IPO successful and listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 20 June 2018.

• Our corporate journey and expansion aspirations started; company name changed to Mi Technovation Berhad on 27 December 2018.


• Our plant in Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia (Home 1) completed and became operational, with expanded production capacity by fourfold.

•Started construction of second factory at Batu Kawan (Home 2).


• Engineering centre in Korea completed and commenced operation.

•Setup technology centers in Taiwan and China.


• Expansion of overseas technology centers to include manufacturing facilities alongside research and development - Korea, Taiwan and China facilities ready for production.

• Assumed ownership of Accurus Scientific Co. Ltd. and its subsidiaries, marking the Group’s expansion into material business segment.


• Commenced the development of business strategies for the Group’s third business unit, namely Semiconductor Solutions Business Unit, to complement the existing business units to become an integrated solutions provider.

• Relocation of Corporate Headquarter to Singapore in line with the growth and expansion of the Group internationally.


• SEBU completed a major restructuring in accordance with the structured succession plan as stated in the 10-year roadmap of Mi Group.

• SSBU officially launched on 19 October 2023 of a USD30 million investment in Hangzhou, China for a new R&D and manufacturing facility for power modules and devices.

Our Future

• More Activities to come…


The Mi Philosophy

A Balanced Stakeholder Interest

At Mi, our commitment extends beyond creating value for our shareholders. This "Balance Stakeholder Interest" approach is adopted by the Group to a more sustainable business environment over the long term.

A Balance Stakeholder Interest

We maintain a sustainable business offering long-term value with reasonable profit and return to shareholders.


We create value for money on our products & services and uphold fair market practices without profiteering.


We are in partnership and grow stronger together under a profitable business environment.


We are against any form of labour exploitation and remunerate fairly at comparable levels, both monetary and in kind.


Corporate Structure




Our Board of Directors and Key Management is made up of exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds with experienced leadership and vast knowledge, bringing the Group to scale greater heights in future.

Board of Directors


Semiconductor Equipment Business Unit (SEBU) Key Management Team

Teo Chee Kheong

SEBU Chief Executive Officer

Tung Chun Kang

Chief Technical Officer

Chan Tirng Kaai

Chief Operations Officer

Travis Seet Kah Wai

Chief Financial Officer

Ong Tee Ni

Vice President of HR & Administrative

Evelyn Ng Zhen Zhing

Vice President of Quality Assurance, IT & Sustainability

Semiconductor Material Business Unit (SMBU) Key Management Team

Heng Kok Lin

SMBU Chief Executive Officer

Steven Lee Shih-Chi

Chief Business Development Officer

Janery Wang Ching-Jui

General Manager in Accurus Tainan

Vincent Liu Jing-Cheng

General Manager in Accurus Ningbo

Elton Shih Chang-Ku

Vice President of Finance, HR & Administration and IT

Chen Tien-Ting

Director of Material Research & Development

Semiconductor Solutions Business Unit (SSBU) Key Management Team

Ng Wai Khean

Vice President

Fred Liu Cheng Hung

Sales and Marketing Director

Billy Yang Bin

Operation Director


Board Committees

Our Board Committees play a pivotal role in ensuring that a high standard of corporate governance is applied throughout the Group.

Audit & Risk Management Committee
Tan Boon Hoe (Chairman)
Lim Shin Lid
Phoon Yee Min
Nomination Committee
Lim Shin Lid (Chairman)
Tan Boon Hoe
Phoon Yee Min
Remuneration Committee
Lim Shin Lid (Chairman)
Tan Boon Hoe
Phoon Yee Min
Board Sustainability Committee
Phoon Yee Min (Chairman)
Tan Boon Hoe
Lim Shin Lid