Environment Protection


We pledge to uphold our responsibility to the environment that we operate in through:-.

  • Reduce usage of hazardous chemical materials, reuse metal materials and lower carbon emission to reduce environmental impact from our production activities
  • Continuous R&D on environmental-friendly materials and energy saving facilities replacement plan
  • Adopt efficient waste disposal management

We have expanded our environmental protection towards rivers and Malayan Tigers conservation through the collaborative efforts with respective NGOs focusing in these areas. We aim to reduce the pollutants flow into rivers to protect clean water and to save endangered animals, plant species and their habitats in Malaysia.

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Social Responsibility


While we strive to build a more sustainable future by adopting ‘Balanced Stakeholder Interest’ approach for the betterment of all our stakeholders and to ensure a green business, Mi continues to contribute for a sustainable social welfare and community. We support and sponsor various community initiatives that strengthen and improve the education quality, healthcare & wellbeing through local outreach.

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Corporate Governance

We integrate good governance ethics into our operations and strategies while we strongly promote integrity, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in managing our business.

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