Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT) Walk 2023


At Mi, we are equally concerned about the long -term viability of our environment and society; hence we work towards environmental protection, especially biodiversity conservation. Since 2022, Mi Technovation has been supporting Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) through our donation to MYCAT’s Citizen Action For Tigers (CAT) projects. Following this sponsorship, Mi employees were given the opportunity to be involved in anti-poaching surveillance patrols (know as CAT Walk) to protect Tigers and other wildlife!

Three group of CAT Walkers were generously sponsored by Mr. Oh Kuang Eng (the Group CEO) to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience in the forest guided by MYCAT staff. While trekking and enjoying the great outdoors, Mi CAT Walk volunteers looked for signs of poaching and encroachment, animal signs, and were given the opportunity to check camera traps.

It took approximately 5 hours to drive to Merapoh, Pahang from Penang. A briefing on the event itinerary and safety precautions was conducted on the first day of our arrival.  A sense of excitement filled Mi CAT Walkers hearts as it was our first time in the jungle. Before we enter the forest, we checked our equipment to make sure that we had everything. Led by the MYCAT staff, we walked through tree groves and thick undergrowth to reach the river. The sight of the river sparkling in the sunlight made our hearts leapt with joy. Despite thick socks and clothes, the leeches still managed to bite.

We saw animal footprints, strange birds, insects, huge spiders, trees, flowers, vines as thick as a man's hand and manage to check the wildlife photos captured in the camera traps. The experience was unforgettable. We were awestruck by the might of nature.