Mi Caring-in-Action – Charity Home Visit


At Mi Technovation Berhad, we believe that ESG is a way which by we fulfil our roles and responsibilities within community. Together we can contribute for a sustainable social welfare and community.

In 2022, ESG Committee and Mi employees set out to 3 selected charity homes for a good cause: “Mi Caring-in-Action – Charity Home Visit”, namely Crystal Family Home on 21st May 2022, Penang Shan Children’s Home on 27th August 2022, and Rumah Kebajikan Seri Cahaya on 12th November 2022. These charity homes are a non-profit voluntary welfare organization with the purpose of helping neglected children, orphans, mentally challenged people, and homeless senior citizens.

These homes have been part of the non-profit organizations who receives monthly fruits and sundries supplies support from Mi Technovation Berhad under the Mi Caring-in-Action program since August 2021. This year, we are extending love through the visit to the charity homes supporting these less privileged children and elderly spiritually and morally, at the same time building a meaningful organizational culture in making positive impact and giving back to the society with the voluntary participation of Mi employees. It was a great and fulfilling experience to be able to take part in this philanthropic cause.

Spread Love, Create a Better Future.