Mi Fun Day with Children 2023

JUNE, 2023

The Mi Fun Day with Children was concluded successfully on the 24th of June 2023, an event co-organized by SEBU ESG and the Mi Sports Club. It was a beautiful Saturday morning where we have invited the children from Crystal Family Home and Mi Equipment Malaysia’s employees to bring along their children for a day full of laughter and joy!

The preparations for this event started weeks in advance. The event organizing committee meticulously planned every detail, from the event invitation to the decorations and activities. On the day of the event, the MISA was transformed into a vibrant sports centre filled with upbeat music, colourful banner, balloons, and game field. We played games, danced to lively music, and indulged in delicious treats.

The event filled with laughter, create cherished memories for both the children, parents and the volunteers involved; it was the love and warmth that filled the event. The joy on everyone's faces was infectious; it felt like pure bliss.

“Together We Can Create Happy Memories”