Mi Recycle-for-Life Campaign


In the spirit of reducing waste and giving back to community, ESG Committees have organized a recycling campaign on 27th September 2022 namely “Mi Recycle-for-Life”. This recycling campaign came with the objective to enhance employees in practicing 3R activities (reduce, reuse & recycle) as well as to help the less fortunate persons. All recyclable items that we collect from Mi employees will be donated to SIMA Handicapped Centre, a non-profit organization to raise valuable funds to support their daily necessity.

On the event day, employees are actively participated and showed tremendous support by dropping off the recycle items such as books, newspaper, glass, plastic, aluminium cans, used clothes, used bags, used electrical appliances, monitors, computers, computer spare parts and many more. In total, we have successfully collected 421kg of recycle items.

At the end of the campaign, we presented all the recyclable items together with the one-off donation in kind sundries supplies to SIMA Handicapped Centre. We hope our small contribution can help to provide them with the needed resources.

RECYCLE the present, SAVE the future”