Tree Planting Campaign

JULY, 2023

By engaging employees in hands-on conservation efforts, Mi Equipment Malaysia (MiEMY) in collaboration with Penang Inshore Fisherman Welfare Association (PIFWA) has on 15th July 2023 organised an environmental protection project by conserving and restoring the mangrove tree forests. 35 volunteers from MiEMY participated in the planting of 200 sampling mangrove trees at Sungai Acheh.

MiEMY always advocates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices to inspire employees with practical actions. Through this event, all volunteers had also the opportunity to learn more about the importance of planting mangrove trees and the benefit of mangrove trees for the environment.

Tree Planting Campaign is part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, and it provides employees with an opportunity to connect with nature as well as to experience the satisfaction of actively contributing to a meaningful cause.

“Tree on, global warming gone”